The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), the Canadian Olympic Foundation (COF), and their partners are committed to supporting high performance sport through National Sport Organization (NSO) development opportunities and direct-to-athlete and coach funding initiatives.  

Major Games Canada, in collaboration with its partners and associated expert groups, aims to ensure the Health Services Team at Major Games is comprised of the best in class practitioners.

 Applications for the following programs will be managed through this portal:

  • COC NSO Programs
    • COC Olympic Solidarity funding programs for the 2021-2024 quadrennial
  • Athlete and Coach Programs
    • Petro-Canada's Fueling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE)
    • COC's Athlete Excellence Fund (AEF)
  • Major Games Canada
    • CSMTA Members’ Application Platform for Massage Therapist Positions at Major Games 
    • CATA Members’ Application Platform for Athletic Therapists Positions at Major Games 
    • SPC Members’ Application Platform for Physiotherapist Positions at Major Games
    • RCCSS(C) Members’ Application Platform for Chiropractor Positions at Major Games


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